Gloaming Lands 3: Gods

gods forest
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Gods are the rulers of the places between where men dwell. The deep forests, caves and ruins.

Minor gods dot the Gloaming Lands. Each settlement will have a shrine and practice rituals to appease their local spirit and keep it at bay. Some gods have sympathy for the plight of man. Some are hostile. Most are ambivalent, concerned only with the preservation of their own power.

The further away from settlements and civilised places you travel, the more a god will make it's power known. Travelers through the realm of a hostile god will be expected to bring offerings and complete the god's required rituals to pass without suffering the god's wrath.

Making a god


Roll 3d6 for a god's HD.

The HD of a god defines several things about it — it's power to act, the physical size it presents itself to people, the size of the realm it controls and the level of devotion it expects from the people within its realm.

Stat a god as a magic user of level equivalent to it's HD.

HDPhysical sizeRitualsShrines
3DogAnnual bacchanalRuined or forgotten
4-5ManSeasonal festivalsPoorly maintained
6-8BearTimed with cycles of the moonSmall, not notable
9-12WagonWeekly ritualsWell maintained
13-15HouseDaily ritualsLarge and ornate
16-17CastleDeeply ingrained into everyday lifeOn every corner
18MountainUnceasing ritualsSettlements are just huge shrines

Optional rule for more variety: First roll, 3d6 for HD. Then calculate a -3 to +3 bonus from the HD as if it were a regular stat. Roll 3d6 for Size, Rituals and Shrines individually, applying this bonus to the rolls.


Roll 2d6 for the god's attitude. This is the god's base disposition to the peoples and settlements within the area it rules.

Roll with a -1 modifier if there are any cities or heavy industry within the area.

Roll with a +1 modifier if the people in the area are particularly pious (beyond what is demanded by the god's HD).

2WrathfulThe realm is blighted by the god's domain.
3-5HostileThe god will blight the realm when their rituals are not observed.
6-8AmbivalentThe god mostly ignores the people of it's realm.
9-11BenignThe god will grant blessings when their rituals are observed.
12FriendlyThe realm is blessed by the god's domain.



This is what the god has control over within its realm. Gods have a great interest in the control and preservation their domain. This is also a guide as to the form of the god's blessings and wrath.


Each god has a ritual, and a focus of that ritual. The exact details of this ritual and how it is practiced should be interpreted by the GM when required.

d12Domain (d10)Form (d8)Ritual (d6)Ritual focus (d12)
1Water, Sea, RiverHuman, animal featuresSacrificeLand
2Sky, StarsHuman, twisted proportionsCongregationLiquor
3Darkness, NightHuman, shaped by domainAcquisitionSex
4Light, SunAnimal, human featuresAbstinenceTools
5Storm, WindAnimal, twisted proportionsConsecrationPeople
6Earth, ForestAnimal, shaped by domainDesecrationAnimals
7War, PowerMonstrousFood
8Agriculture, BusinessFormlessGold
9Food, FertilityWater
10Wisdom, LearningKnowledge

Example gods

Fulun, who keeps the stars

deer god
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Power: 12 HD
Attitude: Friendly
Domain: Sky, Stars
Form: Deer, shaped by domain
Ritual: Consecration
Ritual focus: Water

Fulun, who keeps the stars appears as a deer as big as a wagon, with a shimmering night-black pelt and antlers that fizz and spit like a shooting star caught in mid-flight.

The people within the realm of Fulun hold weekly rituals, at midnight on the seventh day, in well-maintained shrines at the forest's edge.

Each shrine contains a large, still pool of holy water, which is filled fresh from the river and consecrated with sacred smoke. The people watch in silence as Fulun drinks from the holy pool. In return for their devotion, the people are blessed with the ability to read the stars with great accuracy, and are renowned for their abilities as fortune tellers.

Kree-ook, devourer of all

Power: 9 HD
Attitude: Hostile
Domain: Food, Fertility
Form: Frog, twisted proportions
Ritual: Acquisition
Ritual focus: Liquor

Kree-ook, devourer of all appears as a massive drunken frog, as big as a cart. His tongue is ridiculously long, and he keeps it wrapped around his body like a scarf.

The shrines within Kree-ook's realm resemble beautiful, ornate, loading docks, built all around at the edges of White Monkey Lake. Every week the people of the realm bring forth vast quantities of rice wine and roll the bottles down into the lake. The people of this region will pay a very good price for strong liquor. They can never make enough to fully sate Kree-ook's thirst.

If the people fail to bring Kree-ook the wine he demands, plagues of frogs ascend from the lake, destroying crops in their wake.