100 Special Arrows

These are special arrows — minor magical or mechanical items that give bow-wielding characters a tactical edge. They are written with Knave in mind, but should work for the OSR game of your choice.

Special arrows do the same damage as the bow they are fired from, plus any additional effects. Each arrow is good for one successful hit (unless it seems obvious that it should be otherwise). Missed special arrow shots can usually be recovered, except in the case of arrows like the Bomb Arrow, which explodes.

Three special arrows can fit in an inventory slot.

Tying arrows together to get multiple effects: totally works and is encouraged. Only roll for weapon damage once, but apply all additional damage/effects from the bundled arrows.

Now I'm sad my list doesn't have this.
Now I'm sad my list doesn't have this.

Arrows 1-10 are fairly common, and can sometimes be found in stores. Arrows 11+ are rare, and can only be found by adventuring. Some are useless, some are very powerful.

Table of d100 Arrows

1Fire arrowLights things on fire. 1d6 additional fire damage per round until an action is taken to put it out.
2Ice arrowDoes 1d6 ice damage. Target must save or become frozen for 1d10 rounds. While frozen they have disadvantage on all saves that require quick movement.
3Smoke arrowFills a 20' cube with thick smoke that almost completely blocks sight
4Rope arrowSpins out up to 50' of rope behind itself. The rope lasts for 10 minutes before crumbing into dust.
5Flare arrowProduces a blindingly bright light and a trail of red smoke.
6Marking arrowIf you hit with this arrow, all further attacks against the same target have advantage until the arrow is removed.
7Water arrowOn hit, bursts into a 5' radius sphere of water.
8Moss arrowCovers the hit location in a 10' radius of soft green moss.
9Electric arrowDoes an additional 1d6 electric damage, target must save or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.
10Oil arrowCovers a 5' radius in slippery, flammable oil.
11Bomb arrowDoes an additional 2d6 damage to all within 10' of the target. Save for half.
12Web arrowSpins out a thin, strong span of web behind it. On impact, covers a 10' area in thick, sticky webs.
13Poison arrowDoes an additional 1d12 poison damage. Save to negate.
14Black arrowAdvantage on to-hit rolls, always does maximum damage.
15Singing arrowWhen fired, sings folk songs in a high, clear voice.
16Ghost arrowCan pass through walls.
17Ricochet arrowOn a miss, roll attack vs nearest other creature. Repeat until a hit.
18Rubber arrowDoes half damage. On a hit, roll attack against nearest other creature. Repeat until miss.
19Invisible arrowShimmering and trancelucent. Once fired, disappears completely.
20Friendship arrowDoes no damage. If hit, target makes new reaction roll with +1 bonus.
21Trick arrowLooks like a regular arrow, explodes for 2d6 damage (save for half) when drawn back in bow.
22Slow arrowFlies at a walking pace. Still has the same amount of momentum behind it, just moves in slow motion.
23Immovable arrowCannot be moved from where it lands.
24Delicious arrowTarget emits an incredibly delicious odor.
25Fear arrowOn a hit, target makes morale test with -1 modifier.
26Magnetic arrowSticks to metals, advantage on to-hit rolls vs creatures wearing metal armour.
27Courageous arrowGlows golden in the dark. On hit, gives advantage to Save vs fear when you can see the target.
28Deadweight arrowArrowhead becomes as heavy as a cart when it lands, holding whatever it hits in place.
29Teleport arrowArcher is teleported to the location where this lands.
30Scrying arrowWith paired scrying glass, archer can see through the arrowhead
31Darkness arrowSnuffs out all sources of light within 30' for 10 mins.
32Fishing arrowAlways hits its target, if the target is a fish.
33Sleep arrowTarget must save or fall into a deep sleep for 1d6 x 10 mins. Anything less vigorous than a slap will not wake them.
34Focus arrowA spell can be cast on this arrow. The spell will be released on hit, with the same target as the arrow.
35Brute arrow+1 damage. Roll attack as if it were a melee weapon (using Str bonus).
36Rust arrowRusts metals on hit
37Stun arrowAll creatures within 10’ of target must save or be stunned for a round
38Slime arrowCovers the target and surrounding surface in sticky slime
39Ancient arrowTarget ages 2d20 years
40Self-propelled arrowCan be thrown with the range of a longbow. If fired from a bow, triple the firing range.
41Portal arrowComes in pairs of red and blue. When it hits a solid surface, creates a portal at the location of hit, which leads to the matching portal.
42Polymorph arrowTurns target into (d6: 1 dog; 2 sheep; 3 chicken; 4 fish; 5 tree; 6 ogre) for 1d4 x 10 mins
43Oaken arrowWhen it hits, rapidly grows into a large oak tree
44Rotting arrowOn hit, target must save or the flesh around the hit location rots for 2d6 additional damage
45Itching arrowCauses incredibly distracting itching sensations. Target must save each round for 1d6 rounds or be too distracted to do anything but scratch.
46Forceful arrowThe target is pushed back 1d6 x 10', and must save or be knocked down.
47Golden arrowAn arrow made of pure gold. Worth 10gp.
48Returning arrowCan be called back to the the archer by whistling. 1-in-6 chance of breaking on hit or miss.
49Automatic arrowWhen notched in a bow, the bow floats in the air and will stay drawn until a trigger word is spoken.
50Rage arrowTarget must save or attack the nearest target for 1d4 rounds.
51Wishing arrowWhen fired the archer whisperers a wish for the target of the shot. On a hit, it becomes true for 1d6 rounds, after which reality rapidly snaps back into order.
53Random arrowWhen fired, randomly select the target of this arrow from all creatures with range. Always hits the target.
54Wild arrowOn hit, the arrow transforms into a confused but vicious wolf.
55Telltale arrowIf the target of this arrow dies within the next day, all sentient creatures in the surrounding area will know it’s fate & location.
56Winding arrowCan attack targets around corners or behind cover.
56Soul arrowIf the target of this arrow dies with the arrowhead stuck in them, their soul is trapped inside it.
55Hunting arrowAlways hits its target, if the target is a natural wild animal.
56Infernal arrowOn hit, target must save or become possessed by a random demon.
57Storm arrowWhen fired, a wild, violent storm forms in the sky. The arrowhead acts as a lighting rod.
58Healing arrowDoes no damage. Heals weapon damage + 1d6 HP.
59Wounding arrowTarget must save or suffer a grievous wound (bypassing HP).
60Disappearing arrowTarget blinks out of reality for 1d6 rounds.
61Blooming arrowBright, fragrant flowers rapidly grow in a 10’ radius around the target.
62Medusa arrowTarget must save or be turned to stone.
63Knocking arrowIf shot into a door, it is magically forced open.
64Liquid arrowWhen fired, turns into a liquid which can slide under objects & doors until it hits the target.
65Mutating arrowTarget must save or take a random mutation.
66Binding arrowClinging vines burst from the arrowhead, wrapping tightly around the target.
67Boulder arrowTransforms into a boulder when fired. Target and all within 5’ must make Dex save or take 2d6 damage.
68Rainbow arrowLeaves a bright rainbow trail behind it. On hit, 1d6 gp burst from the arrowhead, dealing 1 additional damage per gp.
69Witch arrowTarget must save or suffer a random curse.
70Bodyswap arrowArcher swaps bodies with the target for 1d6 rounds.
71Withering arrowTarget must save or a random limb withers into uselessness.
72Commanding arrowTarget must save or follow a single word command spoken by the archer.
73Unreliable arrowOn hit, flip a coin. On heads, does double damage. On tails, does no damage.
74Elemental arrowOn hit, this arrow gains the effects of (d6: 1 Fire arrow, 2 Ice arrow, 3 Water arrow, 4 Electric arrow, 5 Oaken arrow, 6 Boulder arrow).
75Cupid's arrowTarget must save or fall madly in love with the archer (this does not necessarily mean they are friendly).
76Cartographer's arrowAlways lands facing due north.
77Sundering arrowDestroys any shield the target is weilding.
78Drunkard arrowTarget becomes incredibly drunk, save for mildly intoxicated.
79Trick-shot arrowAlways hits, as long as the archer is doing a ridiculously showy and dangerous stunt.
80Intelligent arrowImbued with the soul of a dead wizard. Can talk. Doesn't want to be fired and risk breaking.
81Last arrowAlways hits and does max damage, but only if it is the archer's last arrow.
82Fratricidal arrowAll damage dealt by this arrow is also dealt the the target's closest family member.
83Double arrowInstantly loads a copy of itself into the bow after firing (once). Allows two attacks in a turn.
83Deafening arrowEmits a deafening boom on hit. Creatures within 60' are deafened for 10 mins.
84Artist arrowOn hit, splatters the nearby surfaces with multicoloured paint in pleasing manner.
85Sickening arrowTarget must save or succumb to a random disease.
86Acid arrowOn hit, splashes 5' radius with highly corrosive acid which does 1d4 damage per round. Stops burning after 1d10 rounds.
87Hive arrowOn hit, explodes into a swarm of angry bees. The bees do 1d6 damage to all creatures within 10', until a 6 is rolled.
88Average arrowInstead of rolling to hit, use 10 as the attack roll result. Instead of rolling for damage, use half the bow's max damage.
89Undead arrowIf this arrow kills the target, it rises from the dead and will follow the archer's orders. The effect lasts 1d6 hours.
90Stubbon arrowIf shot misses, returns to the archer's bow, ready to fire again next round.
91Steppe arrowGrants advantage on to-hit and damage rolls when shot from horseback.
92Split arrowWhen fired, splits into two arrows. Roll attacks and select targets separately.
93Mindreader arrowWhile this arrow is stuck in the target, the archer can hear the target's thoughts.
94Diamond arrowArrowhead is a large diamond. Worth 50gp.
95Eagle arrowWhen fired, the archer transforms into an eagle for 1d6 rounds. The arrow continues it's flight from wherever the eagle is when the effects ends.
96Silent arrowOn hit, all sound within a 30' radius is completely silent for 10 mins.
97Turning arrowOn hit, all undead creatures within 30' radius must save or flee.
98Growing arrowTarget grows to double it's size for 10 mins.
99Shrinking arrowTarget shrinking to half it's size for 10 mins.
100Quantum arrowWhen fired, roll on this table again for the effect.