Mausritter: Adventure hooks

torch mouse

I've started working on a game and setting called Mausritter. The player characters are cute mice, who are also classic D&D adventurers. It's a collection of a lot of the D&D ideas I've been collecting for a long time. It'll be packaged into a nice, compact little book, with plenty of random tables to help GMs run mouse-scale adventures.

This is part of the tables from Mausritter — d66 one-line adventure seeds, or 3d66 sometimes-nonsensical adventure seeds.

11Fishermousehave been accused of a crimea player's hireling is responsible
12Unruly familylooking for a new homeneed to cross a river
13Wizardis being followedantagonist is their own shadow
14Roach wranglerdiscovered a strange artefactthey have amnesia
15Farmerexperienced an unsettling omenthe antagonist is in disguise
16Burghermasterwant to assassinate a rivalplayer mouse's home is involved
21Foragerwant to retrieve lost treasureit is protected by strange beasts
22Shopkeeperhome has been destroyedantagonist is their closest friend
23Travelling merchantmost valued possession was stolenthey are the true antagonist
24Pigeon riderhas been kidnappedplayer mouse's friend is involved
25Ale brewerhas been exiled from settlementthey've been framed
26Herbalistsearching for a rare cureit's very urgent
31Message runnerhave lost their waythey have vital information
32Vagranthave had all their food stolenthe antagonist had a good reason
33Test subjectare on the run from humansthey're being tracked by a chip
34Tin minerhave been waylaid by banditsthe antagonist is very drunk
35Bakerhave eaten a poisonous berryantagonist is a family member
36Hedge knightfamily member is missingthey're dying
41Tax collectorhave lost of a lot of pipsthey're very drunk
42Matriarchhas been accused of murderantagonist is a shape-shifter
43Prospectorpack tortoise is stuckthey're much richer than they look
44Tunneler's Guild bosshas been murderedplayer mouse's rival is involved
45Noblemousetheir home is under attackantagonist wants retribution
46Rat banditwant to steal from a rivala ghost is haunting the location
51Queen beetraveling to a new hometheir followers disagree
52Ant army officerare hunted by enemiesthey are badly injured
53Owl sorcererwant to retrieve a rare spellit is deep in a cave
54Cat lordwant to be entertainedthey've trapped the player mice
55Ducklinghas lost their motherneed to get to an island
56Giant millipedewant somewhere warm to sleepneed item carried by a player mouse
61Lilliputian ambassadorwant to reach the mouse kingthey don't understand local customs
62Trapped ghostwant to find their true lovethey can't leave their current location
63Faerie envoywant to kidnap a mousea player mouse is their target
64Swarm of midgeswant to steal from a player mouseantagonist is unusually skilled
65Grandmother spiderhas lost an ancient treasurethey've eaten it
66Baby birdcannot get homeneed to climb a tree