Mausritter: Adventure sites

Moonlit Cat

The civilised world holds on by a thread. The mouse kingdoms are dotted with the forgotten vestiges of past cultures. Even modern settlements can fall to disease, starvation or predation all too quickly. There are many places where lost wealth can be found by brave mouse adventurers.

This set of tables creates seeds for adventure sites — the dangerous dungeons, caves and abandoned settlements that your party of mice must brave to bring back treasure.

RollHistory (d20)Ruination (d12)Denizens... (d10)...searching for/guarding (d8)Secret (d6)
1Ancient bat cult templeFloodingMice, driven mad or desperateA safe place to live or hideMonolith humming with arcane energy
2Long-abandoned watchtowerMagical mishapMice, magically alteredCache of fine foodPreserved precursor beast
3Noblemouse's country manorAge and rotRat banditsLost family or friendSigns of human experimentation
4Hidden winter storehouseHuman destructionRat King's warbandAncient, valuable artworksForgotten grave of an ancient queen
5Burial site of ancient miceOverrun by mouldOriginal residents, strangely twistedThe last scraps in a picked-over ruinPath into the veins of the earth
6Warren dug by rabbits or foxesShifted between realmsGhostly spiritsRare alchemical mushroomsPortal to faerie realm
7Human house or other buildingAttacked by great beastFaerie advance guardStrange and powerful spell
8Sewer or drainage pipesDisastrous stormFoul-tempered snakeVast horde of pips
9Claustrophobic ant-dug tunnelsHaunting spiritsInfestation of insects
10Massive tree, carved out by miceMysterious abandonmentCat lord and their servants
11Wizard's towerInternal warfare
12Settlement's grain millDisease
13Rat king's nest
14Skeleton of a great beast
15Witch’s academy
16Gatehouse to faerie realm
17Deep mine
18Bandit's hideout
19Natural cave
20Mouse settlement