Draw-and-draw: A Year In...

I've just released another new game, my third (and last) for the year!

a year in mockup

Like Kingdom Dice, A Year In... began development while in Coronavirus lockdown, very soon after the completion of Kingdom Dice. It was supposed to be another quick 2-3 week development, but blew out when the systems felt fun but not complete. Then development of the Mausritter expanded book grew to take all my time and A Year In... was shelved. With Mausritter finally finished, I decided to knuckle down and develop A Year In... from interesting to good.

Download A Year In... for free here.

a year in 2

Kingdom Dice showed that the one-page roll-and-write was a really compelling, fun to develop game format. For A Year In... I wanted to try another source of randomisation, thus the genre naming of "draw-and-draw". It was also a chance to push myself to avoid my usual game design instincts towards creating strictly contained, interlocking economic systems. Not everything has to be a Eurogame!

Hope you check it out. Leave a comment on Itch, or message me on Twitter if you play it and have any thoughts or questions!