Mausritter: Locations

This is part two of the Mausritter series — a generator for location hex details, designed for quickly filling out a hex map with interesting locations. Hexcrawls in Mausritter are at a scale of 1 mile per hex. Each hex should contain one obvious landmark with an interesting detail.


d20CountrysideForestRiverHuman town
1AnthillAbandoned shackCanal lockAbandoned car
2Beech, lightning splitBright clearingConverging tributariesApartment balcony
3Bone-white treeCascading waterfallsDraping willowBlackberry hedge
4Cow skeletonCliff faceEroded riverbankBusy road
5Field of flowersCold, fresh springFallen tree crossingDrainpipe outlet
6Field of wheatDense underbrushHigh waterfallDumped furniture
7Hedge rowFace in ancient oakHuge boulderGreenhouse
8Hollow tree stumpFox holeHuge concrete damMouse ruins
9Huge flat rockGrove of fernsIsolated islandNewly built house
10Lily-lined pondHollow tree stumpMuddy flatsOvergrown garden bed
11Massive fallen treeHuge pine treeRocky rapidsPigeon nest
12Old craggy oakHuman walking trackRow of dead treesPile of trash
13Old farmhouseHuman-made clearingSilty damRocky riverbed
14Quiet dirt roadMeandering brookStepping-stonesShopping trolley
15Rabbit warrenOvergrown ruinsStone bridgeStagnant pond
16Sparrow nestRing of stonesStoney shallowsSteel bridge
17Stand of pine treesRocky outcroppingSubmerged trashTrash-filled skip
18Steep hillSunken hollowSunken bargeTree-lined footpath
19Stone wallTangle of rootsTwisted rootsUnderground car park
20Tangle of fig rootsTermite-riddled treeWooden bridgeWoodshed

Location details

d20Location detail
1Ancient bat cult temple (What was summoned?)
2Bandit hideout (Who do they prey on?)
3Mouse wizard's tower (What creation is almost finished?)
4Completely lifeless (What disaster has occurred?)
5Regularly used by humans (What do they do here?)
6Friendly mouse roadhouse (What is in the basement?)
7Mining outpost (Why was it abandoned?)
8Faerie ring (What business do the faeries have here?)
9Beetle graveyard (What do the ghosts want?)
10Natural feature, dangerous (How can it be avoided?)
11Natural feature, out of place (How did it form?)
12Strange magical anomaly (Why is it spreading?)
13A mouse hermit's hut (Why do they shun society?)
14Ancient ruins of a past civilisation (Who built this?)
15Natural caves (What is living here?)
16Lonely shrine (Who maintains it? What do they worship?)
17Repurposed human construction (How is it used?)
18Noblemouse's castle (What does it defend against?)
19Abandoned settlement... (What clues did they leave?)
20Settlement... (Create the details)