Mausritter: Settlements

This generator creates the details for the many settlements that dot that mouse kingdoms. It's largely based on the Gloaming Lands settlement generator I wrote a while ago, with thematic mousey tweaks.

The intended use of this generator is in tandem with the Mausritter location generator. In that case, ignore the result of the "location" field and roll on the an appropriate landmark column to figure out the location of a settlement.


Settlement details

d20InhabitantsNotable featureEvent
1Shave elaborate patterns in their furMaze of defensive, trap-filled tunnelsDisaster, everyone packing to leave
2Intoxicated by strange plantsComfortable, well-appointed innWedding, streets decked in flowers
3Refuse to do business with outsidersShrine carved of black woodPreparing for grand seasonal feast
4Curious for news from afarMediative mushroom gardenAn illness has struck
5Believe grooming their fur is bad luckCow skull, repurposed as a guildhouseStorehouse plundered by insects
6Wear finely embroidered clothesMess of closely-packed shantiesMarket day, farmers flock to town
7Make pungent cheese, cured for yearsNeat rows of hanging wooden housesMice are at each other's throats
8Cover their faces with long hoodsOrnate gate, guarded by statuesWarband forming to defeat a beast
9Impoverished by a cat lord's tithesSecret bat cult templeSeveral children have gone missing
10Ceremonially crop their tailsPigeon rider's roostNoblemouse makes frivolous demand
11Brave hunters of large beastsStorehouse, stocked with preservesTravelling theatre troupe arrives
12All descended from single matriarchHidden riverboat dockFuneral, streets thick with smoke
13Bake delicious berry piesWool mill, draped in bright clothConman whips up irrational scheme
14Lab escapees, naive about the worldScavenged human machine, workingPet beetle gone mad, attacking mice
15Spend their days lazing by a streamWooden bridge joins settlementFaerie emissary brings impossible request
16Expert explorers of caves and tunnelsUnnervingly tall, twisting towerStrangely quick-growing plants nearby
17Dig grand tunnelsBeautiful flower gardenValuable heirloom has a been stolen
18Keep silkworms and weave fine clothWater wheel-driven flour millCat lord demands heavy tithe
19Known for their excellent schoolOvergrown statue of an ancient heroImminent, deadly human threat
20On friendly terms with a predatorBustling, well-stocked marketWizard tower arrives on tortoise-back

Settlement size

Most mouse settlements are no more than a handful of families in an oak hollow or in an old farmhouse wall.

Roll 2d6 and use the lowest value.

1Farm/manor (1-3 families)
2Crossroads (3-5 families)
3Hamlet (50-150 mice)
4Village (150-300 mice)
5Town (300-1000 mice)
6City (1000+ mice)

Settlement name

d12Start AStart BEnd AEnd B