Mausritter: Non-player mice

fireside rest

The mouse kingdoms are not called that for nothing. Mice of many varieties and social castes can be found throughout the kingdoms, each one with their own goals, desires and oddities.

These tables and random generator can help populate the lands. Spark ideas for a patron in need of the player's help, or give just enough details for the mayor of the settlement the players have wandered in to.

1Soulful eyesConstantly groomingFreedom
2Bright, patched clothesObsessed with weatherSafety
3Wreath of daisiesVery high energyEscape
4Grubby clothesTraveled, knowledgeableExcitement
5Large floppy hatCursed by a wizardPower
6Pockets full of seedScares easilyMeaning
7Bent twig walking stickAshamed of past crimesHealth
8Carries rusted pinswordVery competitiveWealth
9Long, wild furFlamboyant drunkardProtection
10Very, very oldExtremely politeLove
11Bandaged tailUnreservedly honestTo protect
12Tail tied with a bowSlow, careful speechFood
13Missing an earQuick, erratic speechFriendship
14Long whiskersSecret servant of a catRest
15Twinkling eyesRaised by ratsKnowledge
16Huge, heavy black cloakOutcast from homeSavagery
17Old battle scarsMany pet insectsBeauty
18Very youngHates being outdoorsRevenge
19Shaved furLocal heroTo serve
20Braided furVery twitchy whiskersFun
d6Social positionPayment for service
2Common1d6 x 10p
3Common1d6 x 10p
4Burghermouse1d6 x 50p
5Guildmouse1d4 x 100p
6Noblemouse1d4 x 1000p
1StarBrave / Reckless
2WheelIndustrious / Unimaginative
3AcornInquisitive / Stubborn
4StormGenerous / Wrathful
5MoonWise / Mysterious
6MotherNurturing / Worrying